NASA Asked the Internet To Name Its Uranus Mission, and the Results are Hilarious

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Videos by Rare

Leave it to NASA to give us a good much-needed laugh. The space organization decided to do the unthinkable, and ask their fans to name it Uranus Mission. And well, the internet of course accepted and came up with some remarkable and hilarious names. As expected, you know? Because well….Uranus is already hilarious in itself.

Through Twitter, the company shared an image asking their followers to come up with a name for their journey to the Ice Giant System. They tweeted the other names for their missions which included the Voyager, Cassini-Huygens, New Horizons, Juno, and Perseverance. “We want to know, what would YOU name the #Uranus Orbiter & Probe Mission?,” they tweeted.

Uranus Mission to Get a Fun Name

As expected several answers were very NSFW, but others were just hilarious with one user tweeting, “Operation Butt Plug.” Another one tweeted, “All students please proceed immediately to an assembly in the Butthead Memorial Auditorium.”

By far, my personal favorite is actually a decent answer, coming from user @TechDragon. “You’re drowning in joke answers @ExploreIGO but here’s my serious suggestions #namethemission #ice giants #let’s go back,” he tweeted. 

“Aether, personification of the bright upper sky, Uranus’ father in the Titanomachy

– Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, daughter of #Uranus and Gaia

– Persephone.”

Still, Nasa did receive a bit of backlash, because let’s face it, it’s the internet. “You’re really asking the internet to name a probe going to Uranus?” one outraged Twitter user asked.

Several users suggested naming the mission after Astronomer William Herschel. The British astronomer discovered the celestial body and its moons, Oberon and Titania, back in the 1700s. Others suggested getting Shakespear in the picture after its moons are named by his characters. Several wanted to name the mission “Tempest” after one of his plays.

Others suggested naming the mission after Norse God, Odin, who fought ice giants. As well as Caelus, who is the Roman equivalent of Greek God Uranus.

Twitter Goes Wild

The talk about going to Uranus has been going on for quite a while. Who knows if we will actually see the mission happen any time soon? But NASA experts did note that it is the highest priority, especially since they want to study its moons that are suspected to hold vast oceans of water. There is also the mystery about why it has two sets of rings and why it’s the only planet tipped on its side.

So putting all butt jokes aside, we’ll anxiously be waiting to see when that big day comes. Still, I think Operation Butt Plug works pretty well. 

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