First We Feast welcomed Neil deGrasse Tyson to its popular YouTube talk show “Hot Ones.” In case you’re unfamiliar, “Hot Ones” is not a typical talk show, as it involves eating. As host Sean Evans asks his guests questions, the guests have to eat 10 hot wings, which get increasingly spicier as the episode progresses.

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Usually, Evans has rappers and hip-hop superstars on his show, and he usually asks them to drop a few bars at around the half -way point of the episode. In lieu of this challenge, Evans asked Tyson to pass judgement on some famous rap lyrics. First up was Kanye’s line from Jadakiss’ “Gettin It In.”

The line goes like this:

“My apologies, are you into astrology? Cause, um, I’m trying to make it to Uranus.”

At first it seemed like Tyson was having a harder time digesting Kanye’s lyric than the hot wings.

He immediately scolded the rapper.

“Most people graduate third grade and get over their anal fixations.” He said. Tyson then added that Kanye’s pronunciation was an “abomination.”

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