New parent Bill Burr talks with Conan about how he hates parents

YouTUbe screenshot -- Bill Burr and Conan discuss parenting

Bill Burr has been the cranky dad of comedy for well over a decade by now, so it may come as a surprise that he has just recently become a father. He and his wife welcomed a daughter just a few weeks ago. If any comedy lovers worried that parenting would make the irascible Burr lose his edge, they should be relieved that they had no cause for concern.

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Burr talked with Conan about how he as enjoying parenthood so far (though he was less than two weeks in at the time of recording) but mentioned that he had been worried because of all the warnings he received from other parents. They would tell him about all the things he could no longer do, like drinking and going out with friends. Whereas he had looked forward to being a parent, he was constantly told about the hellish amount of work he’d be doing.

Luckily, Burr has found that fatherhood hasn’t been the terrible drag he was warned about, and he’s nonplussed about all the advice he received. We’re glad that Bill is still Bill.

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