Woman Reads Her Failed 2020 New Year’s Resolutions That COVID Made Painfully Ironic


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A woman took to social media to read the now painfully ironic New Year’s Resolutions she wrote at the end of 2019, before knowing that COVID would hit, and couldn’t help but drink wine and laugh instead of cry at everything she ended up not being able to accomplish (which was… everything).

A New Year’s Resolutions Fail for the Ages

Where to begin. Basically everything this woman wanted to do went horribly wrong thanks to the pandemic hitting. Maybe the lesson here is never set goals? Or maybe it’s just representative of, “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.” We’ll be optimistic and say the latter.

Regardless, this woman ended up not achieving anything she set out to achieve. Cry less? Nope. See friends more? Nope. Kick bad habits and get some good habits? Eat less junk food and achieve some measure of weight loss? Improve mental health? LOLOLOL! This was no year for personal growth or self-improvement. Not even in small steps. You might have learned who you are, but you probably didn’t like that.

But, of course, by far the most hysterical and tragic resolution was that this woman wanted to visit her grandma, which she cannot, because her grandma died this year. (Though she doesn’t say whether or not it was from Coronavirus.

People Fail at Setting New Goals on a Regular Basis But Sheesh

Don’t feel bad, America. We all failed this year. It wasn’t our fault. What the hell were we supposed to do? Even successful people had a crap year. So commiserate with this woman. Or, better yet, laugh with her. Because this might be the best video about 2020 that I’ve seen.

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