News Anchor Swallows a Fly Live On Air; Goes Viral

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A news anchor just swallowed a fly on live television and the clip has gone viral. While reporting on an extreme weather emergency in Pakistan, the fly dive bombed Farah Nasser’s throat. She tried her best to continue telling the story.

“A national emergency has been invoked—” Nasser said as she choked on the fly. She stopped for a second, closing her eyes, and continued. “Has been invoked by the weather in Pakistan. The extreme weather is alarming,” she barely finished.

Nasser Compared Her Experience to Doug Ford’s

The fly isn’t visible on-camera, but Nasser shared the video on social media so people could understand what happened.

“Sharing because we all need a laugh these days,” Nasser wrote on Twitter. “Turns out it’s not just @fordnation, I swallowed a fly on air today. (Very much a first world problem given the story I’m introducing).”

Farah was referring to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who similarly swallowed a bug on live television recently. His bug was a bee.

“Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said, after violently choking mid-sentence. He was trying to talk about something coming from the health sector.

Nasser later told CNN that she could feel the fly moving around in her throat.

“I could feel it fluttering in the back of my throat as I finished that introduction,” she explained. “Sorry, I know, this is so gross.”

“It wasn’t going down. It was just stuck,” Nasser added.

Comments on social media mentioned that the news anchor handled the situation like a professional.

“I respect ppl like her, she a pro,” wrote one person. Reminds me when Beyonce hair got stuck in that fan in concert and she just kept singing without missing a note til they got it out.”

“She did amazing. Idk if I could have been so calm.”

“She’s beyond professional at this point in life.”

Some pointed out that bugs are a good source of protein. They are — but like all food, it’s better to not inhale it. Props to Nasser for staying calm and keeping on.

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