Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is rethinking publicizing his search for his property after a notorious adult film star lent her voice to the efforts.

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Smith-Schuster posted an image of his missing bike to Twitter and launched a hashtag, #TeamFindJujusBike. When former porn star, Mia Khalifa, replied, he was humorously hands off.

Khalifa tweeted “You are my new favorite follow on twitter” along with the hashtag. In response, Smith-Schuster rebuffed her with, “Oh hell nah, I’m not fallin for this lol. I’m young not stupid.”

Of course, a sea of endless memes immediately followed the exchanged.

Aside from her infamous line of work, Khalifa has gained further notoriety for publicly sharing the private messages between herself and other celebrities and professional athletes. Basketball player Gilbert Arenas and rapper Drake are some of the famous faces who she has put on blast. Most recently, she tweeted a picture of her feet to basketball star, Stephen Curry, when his wife revealed his details of his alleged foot fetish.


With all these heads put together — literally — to troll the footballer, the attention brought to the situation probably means that it won’t be much longer till Smith-Schuster finds his missing bike.

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