North Dakotans Rescue Comedian After His Bus Gets Stuck in a Blizzard

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There was nothing funny about getting stuck in a North Dakota blizzard to comedian Bert Kreischer.

OK, actually, maybe it was a little funny.

But it really happened to Kreischer as he made his way from Billings, Mont., to Bismarck, N.D., on a tour bus. It got stuck in the snow, and Kreischer called for help.

North Dakotans take great pride in their simple, Midwestern and polite way of life. They call it “North Dakota nice.” So it was no surprise they arrived to assist Kreischer.

“Hey Bismarck, if you’ve got a snow plow, I know you’re probably using it right now, we could use some help,” Kreischer said. “Or just come on over and bring some Schnapps, it’s pretty (expletive) cold out here.”

Burt Kreischer Asks Fans for Help, They Deliver!

@bertkreischer Anyone in #Bismarck ♬ original sound – bertkreischer

Of course, Kreischer and his crew still managed to party on, despite the postponement of the show. As the bus was getting dug out, they toasted the weather with a few cold ones.

No word on if anyone brought any Schnapps, but at least one guy showed up with a plow. The end result was Kreischer’s bus getting free from the snow that engulfed it — though he did end up having to postpone the show. It’s been rescheduled for March 22.

“When you live in a place where Mother Nature is in control, people are nicer. Look at them. They’re helping each other out. … I don’t think you’d see this in L.A.,” Kreischer said.

@bertkreischer Replying to @grantstockland #themachine found men with machines. I love you #northdakota ♬ original sound – bertkreischer

Honestly, this is so awesome! This is how you should use your social media platform, and this is how you interact with your fans. It also goes to show how cool of a guy Kreischer is, you can tell that his fans adore him. I mean, can you blame them? He’s pretty much one of the best and nicest comedians out there!

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