Nose Hair Extensions Are Apparently “A Thing” Now

It looks like someone decided to grab their extra eyelashes and stick them up their nose. They then decided to call it a trend. Because well, what’s one more trend, right? Introducing the latest beauty trend that we didn’t ask for and are very terrified of: The Nostril Hair Extensions.

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Oh Internet, I swear you manage to surprise me every day, and not in a good way. Never did I imagine opening Instagram and seeing people shoving false eyelash extensions up their nose and calling it a day. But that’s exactly what they are doing…taking over Twitter and Instagram. Showing off their “luscious nostril hair extension.” I thought people didn’t like it when hair came out of noses? What did I miss?

Nose Hair Extensions? Nope!

Beauty fans are using the hashtag #nosehairextensions on social media to tag the attempted look, and it’s crazy how many people are actually participating in it. Just this morning there were a total of 435 posts, which I’m pretty sure will double by the end of the day. The trend is surprisingly not entirely new since it started back in 2017. But, it seems like someone managed to find it again and started a chain. People are somehow still participating even though it’s 2022.

How did this whole hairy mess start? It was originally created by Instagram user @gret_chen_chen, who gave herself some nostril hair extensions using some fake eyelashes she had left over and glue them into her nose. Which I don’t know if this is safe. Is glue safe to go up your nose? I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but okay. She was trying to be creative, and unique, and didn’t want the lashes to go to waste.

Again, Nope

I don’t know, guys. This seems too much. Eyelash extensions should only go on your eyes like they are intended to. Stop trying to be fashionable by doing weird over the top stuff. It’s kind of dumb if you really think about it. No one wants to see your eyelashes on your nose. Stop it.

Stick with neon pants and cargo overalls. I’ll accept that…not this. Time to come up with a new one, Beauty Bloggers.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 20, 2021.

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