Naked Woman Straddles Wall Street Bull Because the Streets of NYC are Empty

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Oh my, it looks like somebody didn’t get the memo to wear gloves, and clothes, at all times to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. Nope, this nude woman decided to go against all coronavirus protection measures and risked herself getting covid-19, and just go out and about, pulling an unsanitary stunt in the open wearing only her birthday suit.

Yes, basically this blond woman was seen straddling the charging bull statue in NYC totally naked, ignoring all the protection measures that the government and health experts have told to do during the coronavirus pandemic. Because well, she probably wanted some views on social media.

I’ll admit it, it’s been some very hard times. I mean being and self-isolation sucks, so this bull rider probably just wanted some attention. Still, super irresponsible of her, because this carefree cowgirl not just exposing herself, but others. Also, do you know how dirty that bull is. Basically you’re exposing yourself, and your private parts, to all the germs you can imagine.

That financial district’s bronze icon has been touched by many, and not just New Yorkers, basically everyone who has visited your city. So yeah, you run to your gynecologist and get checked for some herpes or something, because you know you will probably catch something if you straddle a statue with millions of other fingerprints in the middle of a crowded place such as New York City, New York.

Still, despite the coronavirus warnings, there was the “blond bombshell” was care straddling the financial district bronze icon. Not only that, but she actually captured her little stunt. A woman was seen taking pictures of her with an iPhone, which makes me think she’s probably an influencer or something. So dumb, so unnecessary, and so idiotic. It really scares me knowing people will do anything to get a few likes here and there on social media because they have nothing better to do.

Go read a book, lady, that will cure your boredom during lockdown, avoid all those STD’s. This is why we can’t have nice things. Stay safe, Wall Street.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on March 27, 2020.

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