Obnoxious Delta Passenger Sort of Apologizes for Flipping Out Over Dog Rules

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Delta airline passenger said she is sorry for flipping out and throwing her water bottle at other passengers, all because the airline wanted to put her dog in a carry case.

Anna Dugan, 32, basically went ballistic over the idea, but has now admitted that she was probably in the wrong. Dugan, of course, was thrown off the flight that had yet to depart Atlanta for New York.

“Nobody acting this way flies on a flight with us,” the video revealed a Delta crew member telling Dugan of her boorish behavior.

“OK, $%#@ you,” she responded.

Now, she seems to have come to her senses. Or at least calm down enough to tell Inside Edition that she’s kind of regretful.

“I am sorry that I got so upset,” she said. “However, I felt like I needed to … stick up for myself. I know I need to work on my emotions, but they weren’t right either.”

In other words, the apology was fairly … well, lame.

Delta Passenger Apologizes for Flipping Out Over Dog Rules

Dugan works as a bartender in Las Vegas, so she’s probably no stranger to slinging bottles. But she also whacked the phone out of a person’s hand as she exited the flight, and that hardly fits her job description.

Either way, it appears she avoided any sort of legal trouble.

“[Officers] did respond, but the call was cleared without incident as the parties involved declined to prosecute,” said a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department, via Simple Flying.

As for the dog, so far no one has received a comment.

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