Woman Throws Shoebox at Employee’s Head for Being Asked to Wear Mask in Store

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An Oklahoma woman upset about the face mask policy at a Sketcher’s store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma might want to think about shaping up after a video of her throwing a shoebox at the store employee who told her to put on a mask went viral.

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The woman in question entered the Sketchers store on July 8th with no mask on her face. The store has a mask policy so employees asked her to put on a face covering. The woman refused repeatedly and, finally was asked to leave. That’s when she went full, “DON’T OPPRESS ME WITH YOUR SCIENCE CONSPIRACIES” and hucked a shoebox at an employee’s head.

The employees then followed the woman out to her car and got her plate number. Police were called and the woman was quickly identified because, in her anti-face mask rage, she left her wallet on the Sketchers store checkout counter. So that was pretty easy.

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A couple thoughts:

1. Just wear a Goddamned face mask. This isn’t a conspiracy to move the Overton window closer to stealing all your rights. It’s a disease seatbelt.

2. That lady absolutely launched that box. Is there a women’s football league in Oklahoma looking for a QB? I am legitimately impressed. Her anger makes her powerful. Emperor Palpatine would be proud.

3. As if working at a shoe store couldn’t get any more thankless. (I say this as a former shoe store employee.) You’re making meh money and on your feet all day, then some woman comes in, tries to give you a deadly disease, and starts whipping shoe boxes at your face, corners first, when you ask her to please not give you the bat plague.

4. This video where I discuss where conservatives who don’t believe COVID-19 is serious should wear face masks anyway.

5. On the other hand, as a former retail and service industry worker, several times over, these sorts of interactions with the customers are both the worst and the best. They’re pretty hilarious even in the moment and make for a great story for the rest of your life. So on some level I bet the workers were like, “lol I hope she does more this is hilarious.”

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What do you think?

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