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In 1993, late director Harold Ramis released what was arguably his best film, the Bill Murray helmed “Groundhog Day.”

In the 20+ years since the film was released, its cult status has grown and it inevitably become a topic of conversation once Feb. 2 comes around.

Since the death of Ramis in 2014, much as been written about problems that existed on set between the director and Murray.

“Bill was a strong man…You’d do a movie with Bill, a big comedy in those early days, just knowing he could save the day no matter how bad the script was, that we’d find something through improvisation,” Ramis once said.

“That was our alliance, kind of, our big bond. I could help him be the best funny Bill Murray he could be, and I think he appreciated that then. And I don’t know where that went, but it’s there on film. So whatever happens between us in the future, at least we have those expressions.”

Despite the strife between two old friends, they were capable of delivering a comedy masterpiece that has remained beloved by generations of fans. In 2006, the National Film Preservation Board of the United States recognized the film as such by selecting for eternal preservation in the Library of Congress.

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