OnlyFans Model Shows Videos of Being Booted from Day Job for ‘Distracting’ Outfits

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re an OnlyFans model, you make your money by revealing a little skin (or sometimes, a lot).

But that’s for the Internet, not real life.

One model learned this lesson by being tossed from her regular job for wearing clothes that were deemed a little too…well, “distracting.”

Or so she says.

Perhaps not surprisingly, all of this was brought to light by the model in question. She goes by the name of Marie Dee on social media.

As with most things, we are assuming that the whole thing is real. Though Dee didn’t name her employer or show anyone else actually talking. So yeah, the whole thing could be made up.

Anyway, she said she was being sent home “again” for wearing an outfit that the HR department determined did not comply with its guidelines on proper work attire.

“It’s too distracting,” a female voice can be heard telling Dee. That person presumably worked in HR at her job.

“It’s distracting?” Dee goofily responded to the nameless, faceless voice.

“Very,” the voice replied.

Marie Dee on TickTok


This is getting ridiculous.

♬ original sound – NotMarieDee

Dee captioned her TikTok video: “This is getting ridiculous.”

But alas, a follow-up video was made in which Dee, again, supposedly captured the HR person’s voice on camera. This time, the HR person said the CEO of the company wanted HR to apologize for sending her home.

But wait! Then the HR person said the outfit that Dee wore into her office — for the sake of the apology — was “pushing it.”

In other words, the HR person who was supposedly chastised by the “company CEO” for sending Dee home was ready to send her home again. And for the same reason!

Clearly, the CEO is the biggest pushover in the history of business.


#greenscreen progress was almost made but I forgot having mommy milkers was against corporate policy

♬ original sound – NotMarieDee

Anyway, sure, it all could be true. But it may just be a skit, too. You can decide for yourself. Either way, all Dee really wants is for you to keep logging on to her OnlyFans account and keep following along. Oh yeah, and keep giving her your money.

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