Good Samaritan Saves OD’ing Man’s Life, OD’ing Man Gets Up and Kicks His Savior in the Balls

I don’t know what the real backstory to this video is. The title pretty much says it all. Still, it has to be seen to be believed. It doesn’t even sound implausible. Just too random to imagine.

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Essentially, a man was overdosing on, presumably, some form of opiate right there on the street. Two concerned men were attempting to help (though one was filming while attempting to help so his helpfulness seems mediocre at best). A few other men who were clearly less concerned with the overdosing man’s well-being were watching and yelling random shit. One of those men kept attempting to pour milk into the overdosing man’s mouth. The other yelling men agreed that this was the best course of action. The two more helpful bystanders contended that it was not.

Here’s the video.

Finally, as you can see, the most helpful man of all, the Good Samaritan, gets out what appears to be smelling salts (though I can’t be sure). Whatever the Good Samaritan used, it worked. The overdosing man awoke soon after, though he was not pleased.

The overdosing man begins to stagger around, milk still dripping from the corner of his barely functioning mouth. He begins to semi-coherently ask what’s happening before finally realizing that he’s no longer as high as he was a moment ago and becoming enraged. Enraged that someone, the Good Samaritan in particular, ruined his high.

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Apparently, the overdosing man was off in Neverland dueling with Captain Hook and plowing Wendy, or whatever you dream about when you’re so asleep that you’re an inch away from death. The smelling salts brought him back to reality, where he was laying on a filthy street and covered in warm milk. The exact place he did not want to be, hence (probably) why he took the drugs in the first place.

So the overdosing man kicked the Good Samaritan square in the nutsack.

No good deed goes unpunished.

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