Parents Traumatize Their Kids After Hiring The Grinch to Steal Their Toys

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This sounded hilarious but it left my heart feeling two sizes smaller. “Grinch for hire” may be the hottest new trend, but be prepared to spend what feels like an eternity in the sh*ttiest nursing home imaginable.

There’s a trend floating around on the internet of an actual Grinch who goes around stealing kids’ presents. Several videos posted to social media from last Christmas show people dressed in head to toe as the Grinch, busting into people’s homes on Christmas Eve night.

The parents obviously are in on it. The kids, however, are left absolutely traumatized. In every video, children are screaming, crying, hyperventilating, and scared.

One Child Became Violent, Protective, As He Tried to Punch Away The Stranger Danger

In one video (see above), a boy starts throwing punches while screaming as loud as he can to tell the Grinch to go away. But the Grinch kind of puts his hands on the kid for a second, swatting him aside. The boy’s dad then pulls his kid out into a hallway as he helplessly watches the Grinch fill a trash bag full of presents.

We don’t know if the Grinches in these videos were amongst friends, or relatives, or if they’re just some random drug addicts they found on Craigslist. *Searches “Grinch for Hire”*

But judging by the comments, this may become an even bigger trend as people start scouring Amazon for Grinch costumes.

This Video Shows a Toddler Open the Door, Run Away Crying and Screaming Before The Grinch Steals Their Presents

“Told my kids if they keep misbehaving the Grinch is going to steal their presents. They should have listened…” wrote one video owner. The original poster’s name was scribbled out and the video was reposted on TikTok.

“They are going to put you in the worst old people’s home imaginable for that,” one person commented.

Yes. They will.

This video, which was posted in November, is a little more PG. The kids are still traumatized, and the mom is sitting on the couch, trying to muffle and hide her laughter. The TikToker has received millions of views and likes on that as well as several follow-up videos.

This video shows a room full of children screaming and moving away from the strange man in slow motion. The TikToker claims to be a “Mom of 2,” so it’s not clear where all the children came from. Maybe this was a big money-making event for the family? Post an ad on Craigslist inviting other parents to drop off their children for the night to teach them a lesson?

This video is pretty bad because there’s a crying baby. And crying babies make everyone feel traumatized. The Grinch steals their tree in this video. But it’s followed up with another video of the Grinch twerking, and kids laughing, so apparently, everything was cool. I’m willing to guess that this person was a friend or relative, and not a Grinch for hire found on the internet.

Is this the Western Hemisphere’s version of Krampus? I think so. But look at the positive side. At least the Grinch doesn’t steal children.

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