Patton Oswalt hilariously ruminates about the ethics of Nazi-punching in his latest Twitter feud (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
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Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi who has been touted as the “poster boy of the alt-right,” attended Donald Trump’s inauguration last weekend in Washington, D.C., and gave a few interviews. During one of those interviews somebody took the opportunity to punch him in the face, because, you know, he’s a neo-Nazi and that’s what you do to neo-Nazis.

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The clip of Spencer getting blindsided quickly went viral, and just about everybody loved it; a Tumblr blog entitled “Nazis Gettin’ Punched” appeared with Nazis being socked in the face by American characters as diverse as Daffy Duck and Indiana Jones.

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And, inevitably, the question of violence solving problems arose. More specifically, “When is it okay to feed a Nazi a knuckle-sandwich?” Thankfully, Patton Oswalt, one of our favorite comedians, stepped in to navigate the murky waters of the ethics of Nazi-punching. Oswalt’s move to address the ethical dilemma was actually fueled by a Twitter battle that Greg Pollowitz, an editor at right-wing site, instigated with the comic.

When Pollowitz asked if Oswalt himself would step up and punch a Nazi, the self-depreciating comic admitted that he might not be the right man for that job.

Oswalt seems to be okay with punching communists as well, but he stresses the importance of keeping your breath when you’re taking on the enemies of America.

Patton finished with a simple rule-of-thumb: decide for yourself when to punch or waterboard a Nazi, he’s not your dad.


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