Patton Oswalt spectacularly trolls Piers Morgan for his “men’s march” call to protest Twitter/@pattonoswalt (both images)

Piers Morgan has a lot of opinions. And much like his buddy President Trump, Morgan likes to voice those opinions on Twitter — usually eliciting a strong reaction from liberals. This weekend, Morgan tweeted about a topic he has come under fire for previously: feminism. Specifically, his tweets about Saturday’s Women’s March.

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First, Morgan voiced his discontent with the Women’s Marches happening across the country by sharing this tweet.

The backlash was almost immediate, with many women calling him sexist and claiming that he was missing the entire point of the demonstration. But instead of recoiling from his unpopular position, Morgan doubled down.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to troll a talking head, Patton Oswalt immediately jumped into the conversation, turning Morgan’s hypothetical “Men’s March” into a hilarious parody of itself. Oswalt even managed to get #MensMarch trending on Twitter, completely ironically of course!

Though he didn’t call out Oswalt by name, Morgan took to his Twitter again later in the day after #MensMarch became a real force of a hashtag, to clear the air. You see, according to Morgan, all these silly liberals didn’t even have the brains to understand that he was joking.


Well, Oswalt wasn’t going to accept that cop out.

Mic drop. Oswalt, out!

Helene Vincent is an editor for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @HMV5.
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