Pee-Litical Targets: “They Piss You Off, You Piss on Them”

Not every presidential election is going to turn out the way you wanted. Trust me, we’ve all been there, disappointed about the results. However, be responsible about how you handle having a new president you’re not too fond of. Don’t pick a fight with friends, because life’s too short for that. Instead, take out your anger on these Pee-Litical Targets.

I love some good wordplay. Pee-Litical Targets are easy to mount on your toilets! Their toilet night light is something else. It can project President Joe Biden, former-president Trump, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton’s face on the toilet bowl.

Pee-Litical Targets (Democratic Images)

Pee-Litical Targets (Democratic Images
  • Under $30
  • Batteries required

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You can find the unique gag gift on Amazon today for only $27.99. The toilet bowl targets are perfect for your conservative aunt who calls Hillary “crooked Hillary” or Obama “cheatin Obama.” (Donald Trump and his infamous nicknames will probably go in history books one day.)

When your guests open the toilet lid, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama will pop up. Thanks to the switch, this wacky collectible with surprise you every time.

Pee-Litical Targets (Democratic Images

Honestly, this gadget is a hot mess, but I’d rather people use these in the comfort of their own home than ruin every single outfit with a “make America great again” hat.

Customers love it. An Amazon customer gave it five stars and wrote,

“The lighting works great as advertised. My friend got a big kick out of it. Unfortunately, the backing tape let go after 10 days, and we found it in the bottom of the toilet. ( i guess it was all the closing of the lid that knocked it off.) Good Product! Too bad it didn’t last until my election party on November 3rd. Four more years, Go Trump!”

(I’m not going to lie, this is pretty funny to read knowing that Joe Biden won the election.)

Pee-Litical Targets (Democratic Images

Surely some of y’all are wondering, “Where’s the Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer ones at?” Well, those aren’t available, so maybe pass on the word to Peelitical-Targets if you want one of their faces on a toilet target.

Pee-Litical Targets (Trump Images)

peeLitical target
  • Sale price: $23.99
  • Great gag gift

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Here’s the perfect gag gift for your favorite Democrats. Republicans will probably hate this, but your liberal uncle will love taking a leak on Donald Trump. Getting up in the middle of the night to pee won’t be too daunting for him anymore.

“They piss you off, now piss on them.”

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