An Amazon Customer Said He Wore This ‘Penis Belt’ to Work

Wear this belt out in public and I’m sure you’ll break some necks. Who needs fancy leather belts when Dick Belts exist? This gag gift is ridiculous, but it’s hilarious. The Dick Belt doubles as a bottle opener, so it’s not entirely useless.

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Please don’t make this your church belt. It’s the perfect belt for bachelor parties, birthdays, or just any kind of night of debauchery. If you’re just dying to get fired, then maybe wear this belt to work. Otherwise, I think every best man needs to get this for their engaged friend. It’s the perfect belt for your last hurrah as a single man!

The Dick Belt

The Dick Belt


You can find the Dick Belt on Amazon for only $25. The customer review is a mess! Joe left a five-star rating and said, “Wore this to work and had tons of laughs.” Umm.. Joe, you either have really laid back coworkers or went to work that day to pick up your last check.

Add this hilarious belt to your Amazon wishlist today. Once the holidays roll around, you’ll have funny gift ideas for white elephant parties. It’s not a gift you want to give to Dad or Grandpa, so save this for your friend with a dirty mind and a dark sense of humor. Boners will always be funny!

The Dick Belt

Okay y’all, taking your significant other’s belt off to see the goods is usually an exciting experience, but ladies, this Dick Belt might be more enticing to look at. I mean, the belt is basically a third leg. It seriously hangs down the model’s entire thigh. The product measures at 60 inches!

dick belt

You can’t pick from different waist sizes, but this one size fits all belt has an adjustable buckle. Don’t forget the belt buckle is a bottle opener. Grooms, get this belt for your groomsmen and watch them awkwardly open their beers with the one and only, Dick Belt.

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