Penis Throw Pillows Reddit: u/Waffle_Twat
Reddit: u/Waffle_Twat

I’m a sucker for a patterned throw pillow, I can’t deny it. I spent my childhood woefully wandering the aisles of Target while my mom looked for the best seasonal throw pillows and promised myself that I would never take joy in shopping for decorations. Well, I broke that promise to myself and am now obsessed with home decor. Finding unique prints is my favorite part of the hunt, and when I ran across this very unique print, I had to share.

Posted on Reddit, user Waffle_Twat shared the photo of the floral penis pattern with the world, saying, “My mother bought these throw pillows.”

If you couldn’t see the mildly offensive genitalia before, can you see the giant penises now? It’s pretty obvious, and the thought of someone not catching this before purchasing just makes me cringe. However, if you’re going for hilarious shock value, then these penis throw pillows might be the ones for you!

I asked around, and as it turns out, LookHuman specializes in selling this floral penis print known as the French Toile pattern, in all its blue penis glory. And decorative pillows aren’t the only thing with this print, either! There’s an entire section on the website dedicated to the floral penis pattern. From rainbow floral penis pattern coffee mugs to iPhone covers, if you can dream it, it’s available in this subtle penis print. After all, we live in America, and you can own wall tapestries and penis pillow cases in whatever phallic prints you please.

Floral Penis Pattern

Maybe you’re looking for something you can carry on the go that still has this playful print. After all, you can’t cart around a a subtle floral penis throw pillow. The nice flowery tote bags are definitely for you.

Floral Penis Pattern

This print isn’t just meant for women, either. Men can get in on the joke with NSFW socks, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Floral Penis Pattern

So the next time you’re looking to make a naughty, stylish statement that will definitely cause people to look twice, consider this floral penis pattern from LookHuman. There’s nothing like a hidden penis to really spruce up your wall art.

If anything, the penis pattern blue throw pillow is worth adding to your wish list for your bedroom, right where it belongs.

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