You know how it is when winter comes. The first snow of the season usually brings joy. A childlike glee sweeps over the people who inhabit the affected area as soon as they see those puffy white ice crystals that precipitate from the atmosphere and fall to the Earth join together to form a great white blanket of cold crunchy goodness. It’s an emotion that’s damn near impossible to articulate, but it feels so good — until it doesn’t!

The colder it gets, the less we enjoy mother nature’s gifts. The snow on the ground quickly turns into dirty brown slush and we forget why we were ever excited to begin with. Ice covers the floors beneath out feet as we struggle to stay on them. It’s hell on Earth, only cold and probably way less fun because all the cool celebrities, like Frank Sinatra or Lemmy from Motörhead, decided to stay in the real hell.

But in among the discomfort are a few moments of shameful joy. Like when Someone Who Isn’t You slips on the ice. Or when Someone Who Isn’t You slips on the ice and tries to make it look they didn’t slip on the ice.

This happens a lot in the winter, and some of Twitter’s greatest minds have been documenting this unique source of schadenfreude — and even more hilarious than it sounds.

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People are beginning to slip and fall on black ice — and Twitter is on the case Kena Betancur/Getty Images
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