People Are Hacking Plane Intercoms to Play ‘Orgasm Noises’ For Entire Flight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

LOL. You know it’s going to be a hell of a flight when the pilot basically scolds his passengers. Why did he scold them? Well, because they kept hacking the plane’s intercom to play orgasm noises. Apparently, several passengers reported hearing, let’s say, mysterious moaning sounds, along with yelling noises coming through the intercom system of the airplane. There was no indication as to where the certain sounds were coming from, which definitely annoyed passengers and flight attendants.

All of this was captured thanks to a TikTok video posted by Emerson Collins, captioning it, “ weirdest flight ever.”  In the video, a voice can be heard over the intercom screaming and moaning. Collins went on to describe the noise as somewhere between orgasm and vomiting. According to the TikTok user, the noise continued throughout his flight.

Moaning Noises Heard Through Intercom

He went on to say that nobody, including all of the flight crew,  knew where it was coming from. In the video a flight attendant can be heard addressing the moaning noises, saying it was an “Extremely irritating sound” and saying the flight deck was trying to fix it. But, even after landing the flight crew still didn’t know where the sounds came from.

As crazy as it sounds, apparently this isn’t the first time that someone has hacked the intercom. Earlier this month, a Twitter user also described a similar experience while on his American Airlines flight.  “Currently on AA1631 and someone keeps hacking into the PA and making moaning and screaming sounds 😨 the flight attendants are standing by their phones because it isn’t them and the captain just came on and told us they don’t think the flight systems are compromised so we will..,” he tweeted.

A Regular Occurrence?

According to Twitter user @JonNYC the flight attendants took matters into their own hands and stood by each phone in order to make sure no passenger was making the sounds. But, as expected, it continues to occur.  Several believe that the orgasm noises can be from a passenger hacking into the intercom system, but several others did have doubts about the hacking.

Is this real, is it fake?  I don’t know, but I really hope it’s real because it is hilarious. Can you imagine hearing moaning sounds while trying to sleep on an airplane? Nah, don’t do this people. Flying is already terrible, we don’t need moaning sounds 24/7.

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