If you’ve ever thought that Kevin would never have had to thwart Harry and Marv in “Home Alone” if he’d only had a cell phone — well, you’re not alone. “Better Call Saul” actor Michael McKean pointed out that the plots of classic movies would fall apart in this day and age if people only could send a text at a key moment in the film, and people were shocked to realize how many films that applied to.

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“Fun: watch any old movie and note when you could stop the plot cold with a cell phone,” he tweeted.

Almost immediately, actors and fans alike responded with the drastic ways old movies would be changed. Movies like “Home Alone,” “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” and “The Firm” would have their conflicts wrapped up in minutes if all anyone had to do was whip out a cell with data.

Seth Rogen jumped into the conversation and shared that his funny movie, “Pineapple Express” wouldn’t make sense if the characters could use their cell phones.

This idea is exactly why horror movies changed their tropes: no phones turned to no reception. It makes the jobs of screenwriters more difficult, but what would we do without our cells in real life? We’re sure most of us would rather not know.

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