What is there to say about AOL Instant Messenger — or AIM as most normals say it — other than “I barely knew this still existed, but damn am I sad that it’s going away.”

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That’s pretty much the general feeling on social media right now, as nostalgia over familiar door slamming sounds flood in memories, embarrassments and angsts of the 90s and 2000s.

So, since the odds were that screen names for the vast majority of people on earth were about as cringe-inducing as can be, the internet delivered the goods and turned that assumption into fact.

The big winners almost invariably had “69” somewhere in their names, but Y0URkindaH0TTx3, blueyedbrat and a Floridian with the screen name Canadaman5000 also had something to bring to the table.

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By all means, join in on the fun and embarrass yourselves in the comments.

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