Restaurant Creates New Beer Called “PETA Tears” After Billboard Feud

Introducing the new PETA beer, full of tears and hopeful wonder with traces of guilt and stubbornness all rolled into one. Well, that’s what I want to believe it will taste like. Turns out Jimmy’s Famous Seafood restaurant, known for its abrasive social media presence, has decided to launch their limited-release beer called “PETA Tears.” Because nothing will piss off PETA more than having a beer by their name.

The tasty alcoholic beverage is said to be an American-style lager and will be on their menu at their Holabird Avenue restaurants starting Wednesday, July 24th.  The restaurant has even made a whole event of it on Facebook, asking people to join them at their “Jimmy’s famous seafood hosting launch party.”

According to restaurant owner John Minadakis, one dollar from every beer sold will benefit the Show Your Soft Side campaign. Soft Side Campaign is a “public service campaign that was created to change the mindset of young people who all-too-often view the maiming and torturing of defenseless cats and dogs as a sign of ”toughness” or ”manhood.”

So, how did this beer become a thing? Well, it comes from last year’s billboard feud with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Last summer the organization put up a billboard in Baltimore urging people to “see the individual” within crabs and ultimately just go vegan. So, Jimmy’s decided to launch a billboard of its own, which drew heavy national attention to veterans of the seafood spot. The restaurant billboard shows a steamed crab covered in seasoning with the restaurant’s logos, reading, “SteaMED crabs. Here to stay. Get Famous.”

Not having the idea of the beer at all, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk stated this was simply a “silly bid for relevancy,” and suggested the restaurant could just add some vegan options or switch to an entirely vegan menu. Which seems a little excessive, but the response was expected. PETA’s typical “Go vegan” statement will always be the answer to every controversy. Honestly, I would have sued for using my name like that. But of course, they didn’t and their response was such a PETA response.

Did the restaurant overdo it? Yeah sure, maybe a little bit, I’ll admit it. But it’s a silly joke that they are probably using to get more people to come in. It will probably work too, people love weird beer. One thing is for sure, I’d totally try it.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on July 23, 2019.

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