You know those serendipitous moments in every romantic comedy, the moments where everything syncs up, and boy and girl meet and immediately fall for one another, the “meet cute?” What happens if everything goes wrong after that? Like, unbelievably wrong. That’s what happens to Pete Davidson in this “SNL” short film that could serve as a lesson on the logistics of love.

Lesson one: get their name. Lesson two: their full name.

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Steve (Davidson) asks Claire (host Kristen Stewart) out for dinner, but after she agrees — for that very night — she disappears into a cab, leaving Steve wondering what her last name is, where they’re supposed to be going for dinner and what time — or as Davidson screams into the ether of a midtown coffee shop, “WHAT IS EVERYTHING?”

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Claire finds a vintage clothing store to pick a new outfit for their date, as Steve is left searching “Claire brown hair” on Facebook, crossing out listings for Claires in the phone book and finally finding her as he stands outside of an apartment building, screaming “CLAIRE!!!!!” at no one in particular.

She appears, somehow, out of her window, inviting Steve upstairs. Which apartment? Back to Facebook search!

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