‘Pikachu’ Steals the Show at Heat-Timberwolves Game

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you know Pokemon, you probably know Pickachu, the cuddly yellow fictional species from the media franchise. But even if you don’t know about any of that, you can probably still appreciate the little yellow dog caught on camera at the Minnesota Timberwolves-Miami Heat NBA game in Florida.

It sure gave fans at the game reason to smile, though some weren’t exactly in favor of a dog dyed yellow. Those at home also reacted, as the pooch was broadcast to the Bally Sports North audience that took in the game.

Pikachu Steals The Show

Did the pup sign off on the paint job? Yeah, probably not. That said, people dye their hair all the time, so it’s very clearly harmless.

Still, not everyone was in favor of Pikachu the pup.

“This foul and gross, man,” wrote Josh Eberley of Hoop Magazine. Still, we don’t see anything wrong with it. As long as the dye is safe for the pup, let them have fun! It looks like he’s having the time of their life too, so let this pup be yellow.

IT’s cute, harmless and probably made everyone’s day! He sure is the star of the show though, I will say that! Plus he KNOWS he’s the star of the show, just sitting all cute next to his humans. Ah, just some harmless fun, celebrities have done way worse. *Cough* *Cough*, Paris Hilton. So yeah, let the audience enjoy this little pooch and admire its cuteness.

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