Who Needs Heels When Platform Crocs Exist

I’m not really sure why platform Crocs exist, but they do. It’s like if Dr. Martens and Crocs had a baby. (Maybe even Converse or Vans, too.) I’m not the target audience for these platform shoes, but someone is. Evidently, there are people out there who wish their Crocs made them just a bit taller.

Okay, why do these Crocs look so heavy? These must be the shoes my inconsiderate upstairs neighbor wears all day. Either that or someone else lives with him without the property manager knowing. Either way, I’m calling law enforcement or something, because both should be illegal. Seriously, why do these chunky Crocs exist?

Crocs Women’s Crocband Platform Clog

Crocs Women's Crocband Platform Clog

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  • 15-inch platform sole
  • Pivoting heel strap & deeper heel cups for all day comfort & secure fit
  • Pricing varies

If you really want to elevate the conversation and take your Crocs to new heights, consider these platform shoes. According to Crocs and customers, these shoes offer 360-degree comfort. Many customers also say they’re lightweight.

An Amazon customer called them goth crocs and said, “I feel like I shouldn’t like these, and I definitely wouldn’t wear them with just anything, but on strictly all black with white accents days, I find them oddly… minimalist chic?” Okay, I can see these being ‘chic’ in some way.

Crocs Women's Crocband Platform Clog

If an Instagram influencer wore these Crocs with a cute outfit, I bet they would be trending for weeks straight. You know what? I’m not going to clown on these shoes completely. I honestly want a pair to designate as my “come outside and help with the groceries” shoes for when I visit my parents. (Oh, we all know we slip on just any pair of shoes to grab groceries from the car!)

Watch out Nike and Adidas, the Crocs Crocband Platform Clogs will be on every Croc lovers’ wishlist for the holidays. These platform sandals aren’t necessarily my style, but if you’re yearning for a new shoe with the iconic Crocs comfort, consider these Crocs.

Visit crocs.com for more best sellers and new arrivals.

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