Remote-Controlled Alligator Head Makes For Hilarious Prank

Every day I thank God that I don’t live in Florida. Florida seems to have a gator problem, and I’m not okay with it. (They’re pretty scary creatures.) If you know anyone who feels the same way about gators, then you’re going to love these remote-controlled alligator heads.

They look too realistic! Don’t believe me? Watch these swimmers, boaters, and kayakers nearly poop their pants as they spot the decoy alligator head. I would’ve screamed for help! Also, shoutout to the guy who elbow-drops the gator for his friend.

He’s a real one.

Alligator Head Prank

Best Remote Control Alligator Heads

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This remote control toy looks realistic. It’s made from resin material (not plastic). Amazon customers say the remote-controlled alligator head is great for all ages.

It uses a 2.4Ghz transmitter that doesn’t get radio interference and has a top-notch remote control distance for larger bodies of water.

2. Flytec RC Boat | V005 2.4G Remote Control Electric Racing Boat Simulation Crocodile Head Spoof Funny Toy Water Solution Floating Fake Croc Head Decoy for Pool (from US, Green 1)

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Okay, this looks like a real crocodile. This RC high-speed croc head also uses a 2.4Ghz transmitter. A customer gave it five stars and wrote, “I like this toy. it’s kind cheaply made. STILL 5 stars. If you are buying this for fun ITS GREAT. Lots of fun and everything I expected.. I would recommend for the price and fun factor.”

Sounds like the other option looks more realistic!

3. Remote Control Boat for Pools&Lake, 2.4G RC Boat, Simulation Alligator Head Spoof Toy, for Garden Pond Home Decoration Party Gift LEAMBE

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Consider this option for a prank toy under $37.

Also consider

The Pool Guarding Gator

The Pool Guarding Gator
Hammacher Schlemmer

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You can find the alligator head on Hammacher Schlemmer. Customer reviews are pretty funny. Gary said, “My granddaughter recently bought a home with a pool, I sent her the gator to aggravate her dog. It’s working out great.”

Well, that poor dog. Another customer said that his grandchildren are getting a big kick out of it. I bet! The alligator head decoy is sure to bring on some gut-busting laughter. Personally, I’d prank some unwanted pool visitors with the faux alligator.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Place the moving decoy in your swimming pool and watch your friends and family scatter around, trying to get out of the pool quickly. The beady red LED eyes look terrifying — Pennywise terrifying. Get your neighbor when they least expect it and put the alligator decoy in their pool.

(I know, it’s kind of mean to do, but oh well.) The faux gator makes lifelike movements, so someone is bound to think that it’s real for a split second.

I don’t care what anyone says; gators are scary. I don’t see how Floridians do it. They casually walk outside their homes and just see real alligators chilling. Like, is there a pest control specifically for gators in Sarasota, Florida?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I feel like the gator issue in Florida is like the rat problem in New York City. Regardless, this toy would scare the shit out of anyone (me) who finds alligators a bit alarming.

This post was originally published on June 18, 2020.

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