Pro Pool Player Purposely Hits Onlooker in Testicles with Trick Shot

This is apropos of absolutely nothing. It’s just funny. We could all use a good chuckle right about now and there’s not much funnier than some goon getting smacked in his guy sack. And the more unexpected said sack smacking is, the better.

Enter this random guy at the bar watching some obviously talented, possibly professional pool player (the vest with a bunch of sponsors on it feels like a pretty big clue). That’s really all I know about the situation. I could not find context. Some light Googling yielded nothing.

Give this post a title… winner gets Gold! from toptalent

But do you really need context for this? Do you need to have a sunset explained to you? Does knowing why leaves turn orange make fall foliage more enjoyable? No. Just enjoy the magic.

A couple thoughts:

1. Did that not hurt? The guy reacts like it didn’t hurt so bad. He obviously didn’t get hit hard but sometimes those soft taps end up being just as painful. They leave you sick to your stomach. Maybe the video cuts out before the pain really kicks in.

2. There’s a chance this was on purpose but as an optimist, a romantic, and a believer that there’s still magic (of some kind) left in this world, I like to think the guy had no idea that cue ball was about to fly into his scrotum.

3. If the guy who got hit in the nuts wasn’t in on this, and this pro pool player does this regularly at bars to entertain people… man, this is going to get him killed one day. His dead body is going to be found in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks in El Paso, Texas or something. Stabbed in the heart with his own broken pool cue.

It’s pretty worth it though, because this is funny.

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What do you think?

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