Popular logos get the superhero treatment in this hysterical “Billy on the Street” with Andy Samberg YouTube Screenshot

Billy Eichner, the host of the over-the-top man-on-the-street show “Billy on the Street,” is sick of all the sequels and reboots coming out of Hollywood 24/7.

That’s why, with a little help from Andy Samberg, he took to the streets of New York to pitch his new line of characters to random passersby.

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From catchphrase-ready MySpace Tom to the the intimidating Starbucks mermaid to the whimsical fishing boy from the Dreamworks logo, the motley cast of characters seem like they’d fit right at home on the big screen.

And if you think you wouldn’t watch a movie about the Tinder flame, then you’re just lying to yourself.

With special guest appearances from Lupita Nyong’o as the NBC peacock and Jon Hamm as the dandy from the New Yorker logo and the Dr. Strange Medicine Woman, this segment will have you cracking up.

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