Pornhub wrote what might be the most awkward best man speech of all time Pornhub - Twitter - Screenshot
Pornhub - Twitter - Screenshot

Groom Danny Hodgetts was completely gobsmacked when his best man, Thom, revealed he had teamed up with the world’s biggest porn site in order to prank his friend.

Thom called up the pornography streaming service, Pornhub, and asked them to make a hilarious video in which they praised the groom’s “stamina and loyalty,” and talked viewers through his porno viewing habits.

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“We want to congratulate you and your bride today, but we also want you to know that we’ve saved all your favorites!” the video’s host claims. “Danny, we will never leave you and you will always be welcome back. We know Kath can’t travel with you everywhere.”

The host then brings up a map showing all the places in the world where Danny has accessed the website. The wedding guests, who were initially confused by the elaborate prank, were all howling with laughter by the time the video ended.

Pornhub also shared the video on their Twitter account:

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