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We were all stocking up on beer and vacation supplies before COVID-19 walked in and said, “Hold my beer.” Yeah, and if you haven’t already, go ahead and cancel your travel plans. It’s not the time to get other people sick, plus portable hot tubs are here to keep us feeling relaxed in such trying times.

I don’t know about you, but I do not have a hot tub at home. This is why I look forward to traveling! I always make sure to book at a hotel with an outdoor spa. Whatever though, this inflatable hot tub is here to save the day, and better yet, this is a one-person hot tub. Social distancing is very serious.

1. EOSAGA Portable Plastic Bathtub Inflatable Portable Tub

EOSAGA Portable Plastic Bathtub Inflatable Portable Tubs PVC Bath Tub Portable Soaking Tub Inflatable Spa For Adult Bathroom With Air Pump Large Blue

Amazon has a personal portable hot available for under $50. It’s perfect for releasing tension in sore muscles. I wouldn’t chance it in swimming pools personally. Keep your distance, pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and pretend you’re in Palm Springs.

There aren’t any fancy hydro jets, but this inflatable hot tub will be able to keep your water temperature to your liking. Whether you like warm water or hot water, you won’t have too much heat loss in your blow-up portable hot tub.

2. Portable Folding Inflatable Bathtub 145cm Blowup Adult Spa Pool

Portable Folding Inflatable Bathtub 145cm Blowup Adult Spa Pool

Another great option is this one. Oh my, it has a headrest. I don’t know if I’d be able to get myself out. You know how you feel a little weak after sitting in the bath for too long? Yeah, I’d feel like that after a few hours in this.

To top things off, this inflatable tub has a built-in cup holder. Yep, this thing will hold your beer. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t fancy bubble jets and massage jets, but what do you expect? It’s an inflatable tub. All that matters is that you have a great place to soak outside while you catch some rays.


We should stay home right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go outside. Grab your air pump and inflate your new inflatable jacuzzi. It’s time to turn your backyard into a getaway! It’ll feel good to feel the sun on you after sitting inside for a week straight. I know flights are cheap right now, but please just pretend you’re in Hawaii.

If you want to go all out (once we don’t have to social distance), I recommend a roomy hot tub with water jets and massaging systems for friends and family to enjoy.

3. Coleman 71″ x 26″ Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub, Black, 13804

Coleman 71 x 26 Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub, Black, 13804

This 4-person inflatable hot tub has 60 air jets to target sore muscles. The heating system is superb, heating up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Forget that trip planned to Miami, you’ll want to be in the comfort of your backyard with this Coleman hot tub.


It comes with filter cartridges, a pump, liner, and one chemical floater. (It’ll keep your spa water clean.) Hydrotherapy feels great y’all. On nights when it’s just chilly enough, you’ll be flocking to your portable tub. As Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, this is hands down the best inflatable hot tub online.

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