In this episode of the brilliant “Jim Jefferies Show,” the foul-mouthed Australian host treated his viewers to this hilarious segment in which he explores the controversies surrounding freedom of speech in the U.S.

Jim begins the segment by addressing the confusion and subsequent backlash that occurred on the Fourth of July  after NPR tweeted out excerpts from the Declaration of Independence. Many Twitter users failed to recognize the passages and assumed that NPR was inciting a revolution against the current administration.

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The Aussie then addresses another misunderstood historical document: the Constitution.

“The truth is, the First Amendment is a lot like a vagina: angry guys on the internet have no idea how it works!” he joked.

As you can probably imagine, Jefferies doesn’t hold back when analyzing the amendment and all the chaos that its misinterpretations cause.

“The First Amendment means you can say whatever you want, but it doesn’t guarantee that I have to listen to ya!,” he explains. “You can call me a c**t, I’ll call you a c**t, you don’t have to come my house, I don’t have to come to your house, you can fuck off, I’ll fuck off, and that’s the kind of freedom we should celebrate in this country every day!”

And then he wrapped up the segment with an inspirational message for the nation:

“Fuck off, America! And I’m allowed to say that, and I’m thankful I am.”

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