Some MMA fighters don’t wear cups because it inhibits their movement and any man can tell you that cups are pretty uncomfortable. But this MMA fighter is probably wishing he’d put a stronger one on after a kick to the groin stopped the fight and had most viewers reaching for their own gonads, just to make sure that they’re still there.

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According to Total Pro Sports, the fight was taking place in South Korea and that unfortunate big guy you see on the canvas, writhing in pain, is Aorigele. The cracking sound that you hear in the video is the sound of the cup literally shattering. Ironically, the fighter who kicked him, Hyan Man Myung, is known as “The Iron Gentleman.”

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Medical personnel rushed into the ring and covered him with a blanket–because for some reason that helps? And though we haven’t been able to find any updates on his condition, it’s probably going to be a little while before he steps into the octagon again.

Prepare yourself and your boys for the “nutshot heard ’round the world” screenshot/Ebaum's World
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