President Trump gets etiquette lessons from experts in this clip from “The President Show”

Comedy Central/YouTube/Screenshot

In this clip — taken from an episode of Comedy Central’s “The President Show” — Anthony Atamanuik’s President Trump heads to a charm school and attempts to learn the proper etiquette when it comes to handshakes and greeting world leaders. He also gets a rudimentary geography lesson.

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Sadly though, and much to Trump’s horror, it appears as though the charm school is haunted by a mysterious apparition in the mirror who is determined to terrify him.

“There’s a ghost in a mirror, and he’s filled with hate, and he speaks to me through the mirror and he says, ‘Find the way to destroy as many people as possible,’” Trump tells one of the etiquette teachers later in the segment. “I hate the man in the mirror … cause he knows my secrets,” cries the president.

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