President Trump gives The Mooch a smooch as they bid each other farewell in this heartbreaking scene from “The President Show”

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The real Anthony Scaramucci may already be long gone, but on Comedy Central’s hilarious “The President Show,” Mario Cantone gave his version of “The Mooch” an epic send-off.

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On a recent episode, Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump was struggling to say goodbye to Scaramucci, until John Kelly’s omniscient voice encouraged him from above.

“Do I really have to go? Now that our love is so new?” says Cantone’s Scaramucci. When Trump tells him yes, Scaramucci rejoices that he at least can now see his wife and newborn son.

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He then bursts into hysterical laughter alongside Trump. “Nah, I’m not going to do that!”

The Mooch also tells the president about an old Italian saying, Trump says he knows what it is and immediately begins making out with his former communications director.

Scaramucci gets dragged out of the Oval Office by a giant hand as he professes his love for President Trump, and Steve Bannon (played brilliantly by “Broad City’s” John Gemberling) is caught with his pants down behind the desk.

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