President Trump showing a teeny-tiny “thing” is immediately turned into Photoshop fake news


President Trump has been battling fake news and declaring that his administration, more than any other, has had to battle swirling rumors and untrue accusations.

While reporters are having a great time spinning the presidency, nobody is having as much fun with the Trump presidency as the Photoshop geniuses over at Reddit.

On Friday, some genius dropped a picture of Trump indicating something is very small. Immediately, people began having fun with the moment. Here’s the original picture:

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The first joke, obviously, was about the size of the president’s hands

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From there, things only escalated and took a turn for the hilarious.

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This one is very subtle, can you spot it??

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There’s been some talk that the president might be a bit too orange…

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He knows somebody has been spying on him, so he’s keeping his eyes on them.

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One user put a joint in his hands and then expanded on the notion.

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Hipster Trump hides in the bushes?

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Trump is just feeding the birds.

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This one is just plain disturbing.

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This guy went all out.

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