Never Made the Dean’s List? Get Dad This Funny Shirt for Father’s Day

Does your dad think you’re one of the brightest kiddos out there? Yes? Same here. Does he also think you’re a bit dumb at times? Yeah, same here.

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I’m definitely sharp like my pops, but I do have my moments. (Don’t we all?) I mean, I can’t know everything. That’s what Google is for. I guess we could say most dads will find this “proud father of a few dumbass kids shirt” relatable.

EBOLLO Mens Proud Father of a Few Dumbass Kids Shirt

EBOLLO Mens Proud Father of a Few Dumbass Kids Shirt
  • Christmas gift
  • Funny dad shirt for Father’s Day
  • ​High-quality shirt

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Oh come on, don’t act like your dad didn’t look at you silly when he realized you’d never learn how to drive a stick, put Dawn dish soap in the dishwasher, or even were dumb enough to come home after curfew. Surely our dads know we’re all smart and know better, but they’re aware their kids have dumbass moments, even in adulthood. This hilarious tee is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads with a sense of humor.

The funny gift for Dad will take a few business days to ship, so be sure to order the funny Father’s Day gift in time. Do I really need to remind you when Father’s Day is? Maybe you are a little dumb at times. (Kidding, I had to Google it too!) It’s on Sunday, June 20 this year.

funny review father's day tee

You can find the Father’s Day T-shirt on Amazon today. Proud dads love it! Check out this men’s T-shirt review from a happy customer.

proud father of a few dumbass kids

Not only is the dad T-shirt available for the best dad, but it’s also available for Mom. The funny T-shirt is available in a mom T-shirt style. Yep, same great quality and style, but with proud mother printed on it instead. Be sure to refer to the size chart for the best fit.

EBOLLO Womens Proud Mother of a Few Dumbass Kids Shirt
  • Funny gift for Mom (Mother’s Day)
  • Ships from the USA
  • ​Gift T-shirt for Christmas gag gift exchange

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