Raise your glass to this hero who caught a baseball in her beer cup and promptly chugs


It’s pretty tough to catch a baseball at a game, even when you’ve brought a glove. The odds of successfully landing one in your beer cup have to be astronomical, but that’s just what happened in a game between the Clinton LumberKings and Fort Wayne TinCaps on Thursday night.

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After the beer ended in her cup, this lucky fan chugged it–because those are the well-documented rules of baseball.

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The Lumberkings, which are the single A Seattle Mariners affiliate, ended up coming away with an 11-2 victory over the TinCaps–who are the farm team for the San Diego Padres. Also, we should probably just take a moment to appreciate the splendor of minor league team names. The TinCaps mascot is literally an apple wearing a frying pot on his head and shooting off a devious grin.

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