Rapper Blasted Crowd With Weed Smoke Instead of Fog Machine, Gets Everyone High

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

How much weed would a rapper named Chucky Chuck chuck into the crowd if a Chucky Chuck could chuck weed?

Well, the answer is apparently quite a bit.

It appears Chucky, or Chuck for short, put weed smoke into the machine that normally blows out fog. In other words, this is one rapper who knows how to say hello to his audience. Or “high,” as the case may be.

Ol’ Chuckster pulled the stunt at the California’s Kushstock Festival, which he just happened to be headlining. But given that the festival made a name for itself by selling cannabis, Chuck’s decision likely was met with a standing ovation. (At least, by those who were not yet high enough to have to sit.)

At any rate, Chuck said on Instagram that he was doing more than just blowing smoke. He was giving the people what they wanted.

“F*ck a fog machine,” he wrote.

Rapper Gets Everyone High With Fog Machine

It’s true that Kushtock really is free, supported by local weed companies that are able to sell the product legally.

Needless to say, fans are now begging that Chucky Chuck come to their city, and demanding he brings the fog machine with him. They do not, however, seem to care if he brings actual fog. Honestly, this is such a ridiculous story, I really want to interview one of the audience members to see if they actually got high.

Imagine not knowing that you’re basically being thrown weed in your face and just automatically start feeling woozy. What a trip, man.

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