Angry Woman Filmed Fighting Red Lobster Workers for Not Giving Her Food Fast Enough


An unidentified Pennsylvania woman is going viral for being caught on video throwing hands over a delayed Mother’s Day meal from Red Lobster that left her feeling less than appreciated on her special day.

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The brawl over biscuits was filmed outside a Red Lobster in East York, Pennsylvania on Mother’s Day by another patron waiting on their food. Apparently waits at the restaurant were longer than usual because of the reduced number of staff that were allowed to work due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The video begins with the woman being forced out of the restaurant by masked employees, presumably after a confrontation inside.

The woman is seen shrieking at the employees who are pushing her out that she wants her money back while attempting to force her way back in, to no avail. The employees then inform the woman that all they need is her name to give her a refund. She can be heard telling them her name is Kathy Hill.

It is at this point that, for whatever reason, the upset customer takes a swing at the female employee standing between her and her Red Lobster refund. The scuffle then spills out onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. The female employee the irate customer hit can be seen grabbing a hold of the customer’s hair. Finally, after some tense back and forth and more shoving, the parties are separated.

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It then appears the Red Lobster employees closed and locked the doors.

Police were called, however, the upset customer, who claimed that she was assaulted, had already left but the time they arrived. Officers did later track her down, however. It is unclear if any charges were filed.

1. This is painfully trashy. Like, mid-race sex in a stranger’s RV parked in a NASCAR infield, ketchup on your steak, Honey Booboo trashy.

2. But hey, maybe this lady was having a bad day? Mother’s Day is stressful as hell. Maybe her kids and husband gave her an underwhelming celebration that morning and all she had to look forward to was those delicious, buttery, cheddar bay biscuits. Once that biscuit was in her mouth, nothing else would matter. Not the present her husband clearly bought at a Walgreens. Not her kids getting into a fistfight at 10:00 a.m. Not her own mother making her feel like a terrible mother with some snide comment.

That biscuit was going to fix everything. Until it wasn’t there. And gone with the momentary bliss that biscuit would have provided was the woman’s ability to restrain herself any longer. So she snapped.

3. Either way, still trash.

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