Rejected ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Call Signs That Did Not Make The Movie

Don’t expect to see any of these pilot nicknames in ‘Top Gun 3.’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Hangnutz.” “Fast Plane Guy.” “The 2013 VMA Performance of Robin Thick’s Blurred Lines Featuring Miley Cyrus.”

Those are just a few of the call signs (pilot nicknames) that you won’t see in a Top Gun movie — but will see in this lip-smacking “Attack of the Show!” clip spoofing the franchise:

Some of the names are loaded with sexual innuendo (“Prejack,” “Moist Lunch”), while others are simply preposterous (“Tony Hawk Pro Skater,” “Lo-Fi Beats for Studying”).

The actors featured in the sketch include Will Neff, Fiona Nova, Gina Darling, Kassem G, WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, Peter Berube, Case Blackwell, Eric Milzarski, Beth Scorzato and Lena Olson.

As they take the joke further and further, the call signs become increasingly ridiculous:

There’s “Number 2 With Cheese.”

And “I’m The Same Guy Again.”

And “Oops, All The Same Guy.”

The sketch then devolves into outright self-awareness.

“Wait, your call sign is a copyrighted game with a man’s name in it?” one of the actors says to another.

“This has gotten out of control,” another says, breaking out of character.

Other comedians start laughing, making funny faces and engaging in other behavior most unbecoming of anyone trying to be “up there with the best of the best,” per the Top Gun motto.

Turns out the entire trailer is a plug for Attack of the Show!, the unscripted comedy show that airs live weekly at 5:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. PT on YouTube and Twitch.

Top Gun: Maverick is absolutely crushing in theaters…

Top Gun and its star, Tom Cruise, can take a joke — no doubt. The second installment in the series, Top Gun: Maverick, is the year’s highest-grossing film by a mile. Released May 27, the movie has snagged almost $618 million at theaters, according to Box Office Mojo. It’s even already bested last year’s biggest movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” by roughly $45 million.

The movie drew widespread acclaim from theatergoers as well as critics. It also earned thumbs-up from star Val Kilmer and “Danger Zone” song craftsman Kenny Loggins. The producers of “Top Gun: Maverick” recently said a third installment in the series could be on the way.

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