Remote Employee Reveals She’s ‘Just Pretending’ to Work 8 Hours a Day

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses started to have their employees work from home. Some of those employees were never brought back. Their offices remain their living rooms, their dining rooms, or perhaps in some cases, their beds.

And one TikTok user has gone viral for saying that you simply cannot beat work-from-home life.

More specifically, the video comes from a female who goes by @innergrump. Who titles the video, “We’re all just pretending to work a full 8 aren’t we.”

Other than that, it merely shows her drinking a cup of coffee while some odd space-type music plays in the background.

“WHY is no one talking about the fact that an 8 hour workday in the office does NOT equal an 8 hour workday at home?” she asked in the caption. “Like we are taking away office conversations, long lunches, constantly being pulled away, less sleep, being drained from the commute, etc.

“I can get an 8 hour office day done in 4 focused hours at home. So why are we still working 8?!?”

Remote Employee Reveals She’s ‘Just Pretending’ to Work

@innergrump We’re all just pretending to work a full 8 arent we #wfh #remotework #workfromhome #backtotheoffice #office #Inverted ♬ billie eilish not my responsibility – flwhney

As controversial as this opinion may seem … well, she actually sort of has a point. Most people who are working remotely are able to get their work done quicker than you would normally find in an office setting. And for many of the reasons listed in the video.

“The 40-hour work week was invented like a 100 years ago…why haven’t we changed it?!” read one comment.

That said, most companies are of the theory that working remotely is just fine and that they don’t care how long you work. As long as all the tasks are complete. For many businesses, that takes at least eight hours a day, regardless of where you are doing the job.

Either way, no word on if this particular girl is still in the same position after her employer saw the video.

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