Throughout his career, fitness guru Richard Simmons appeared with Howard Stern on numerous incarnations of Stern’s radio program. In September 2013, Simmons made what would be one of his final public appearances on the program. The riotous appearance includes a segment in which Simmons serenade Howard while decked out in a purple wig and dress.

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The longtime friends played perfect foils for one another and seemed to be having a good time on air. Simmons with his over the top personality sparred with the reserved Stern and together the two made for great media.

During the segment, Simmons and Howard expressed their affection for one another.

“One of your eyes is just an ocean of love,” Simmons told Stern.

“You have a happy face, and I like that,” Stern responded.

In recent weeks, interest in Simmons physical well-being has made headlines across the world. Simmons has not been seen in public for several years, and many believe he is being held against his will at his Los Angeles home.

A recent wellness check performed by the LAPD confirmed that Simmons was doing A-O.K.

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