Donald trump Halloween ride on costume YouTube: Krispyshorts
YouTube: Krispyshorts

Last year, we saw plenty of political Halloween costumes. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, you name it! If you’re thinking about going as Trump this year, go for it. However, I have something better in mind. The blue suit, MAGA hat, and red tie are funny, but this ‘Ride-on Donald Trump‘ costume is gold.

I have never seen a Halloween costume that made me laugh so hard. Watch as this guy runs through a city. It genuinely looks like he’s riding piggyback-style! Whether you love or hate President Trump, this costume will make you laugh, cry, or do both simultaneously.

FJERR Ride-on Trump Halloween Costume

The funny costume is available on Amazon. Amazon’s customer reviews are fantastic. Many customers are raving about all the compliments they got. A customer gave it a five-star review and said, “I got a lot of laughs, especially when Trump was out on the dance floor doing his groove.”

This high-quality Donald Trump Halloween costume is one of the best adult costumes I’ve seen yet. Even hours after watching the piggyback ride video, I’m still in tears. It’s hysterical! This piggyback costume could probably win just about any costume contest at a Halloween party!

FJERR Ride-on Trump Halloween Costume

FJERR says it’s perfect for a rainy day, frat party, or even a rally. Imagine wearing this to a Trump rally. That would be a great prank. I bet that would get you your 15-minutes of fame on Facebook or Twitter. Hell, possibly even the news!

Couples, consider going as Melania and Trump. Ladies, grab whatever fancy dress you have in the closet. Men, wear this Donald Trump costume. If the costume seems a little too much for you, consider a USA flag, suit, Donald Trump mask, and Make America Great Again hat.


For more funny adult Halloween costumes, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on September 10, 2020.

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