Ron White has one message for you: he wasn’t drunk in public-k. He was drunk in a bar. They threw him out into public-k.

This story for White is perhaps the most well-known tale that he’s told during his comedic career for one reason: it’s how he got the nickname “Tater Salad.”

White starts with the story about how he got kicked out of a bar, and the resulting scuffle caused the police to show up. When the police recalled White’s arrest record, it brought up an arrest from when he was 17 and also drunk in public.

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Where does Tater Salad come in out of all of this? Well, apparently White was being smartass with the officer and said one of his aliases was “Tater Salad.”

Well, 17 years later, the old nickname came back around to bit him in the butt… after he had gotten it kicked out of the bar.

Talk about being kicked while your down.

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