In this video (recorded at one of his live shows) comedian Ron White — a storyteller to the core — ends a his set with a hysterical tale about being invited to join Dr. Phil and some of his conservative friends from Dallas on their annual Mediterranean yacht vacation.

Once White discovered a rare, expensive Scotch on board, he proceeded to drink it — all of it. Around the same time, White’s wife — the singer Margo Rey — began singing on deck. Margo’s impromptu concert caused several nearby yacht-owners to sail closer to Dr. Phil’s yacht.

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The incredibly inebriated White was then asked to do a set for the audience of wealthy boaters, which he was more than happy to do, but Ron White doesn’t have a filter at the best of times, never mind when he’s very drunk.

White decided to tell a very crude sexual story about Mamie Eisenhower that sent the audience fleeing.

White was ordered back to the hotel by Margo. He then slipped while getting off the boat and severely injured himself.

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“You just had to do the Eisenhower joke, didn’t you?” yelled Margo. At this point in the routine, viewers might be wondering if White is considering changing his ways. Then he tells them about Dr. Phil calling the next morning and asking when White and Margo were coming over.

That’s right: Ron got away with it again. And that’s why we love him.

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