Santa tells Stephen Colbert who got his vote in this “Charlie Brown Christmas” parody YouTube Screenshot

In the weeks that have followed since Donald Trump’s election, late night host Stephen Colbert has dedicated segment after segment in an attempt to make sense of it all. During Tuesday night’s “Late Show” episode, Colbert channeled his best Charlie Brown, old school animation and all, as Santa appeared and tried to cheer him up from his post-election blues.

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After revealing to Colbert that he, in fact, is an American, unlike the Easter Bunny who lives “on that island with all those huge stone heads,” Santa dropped a truth bomb that was hard for Colbert to take: he voted for Trump.

“It was the only thing Donald wanted for Christmas. My hands were tied!” Santa explains. “Well [he’s on the naughty list], but he said he’d bring coal jobs back, and I need that coal to drop in the naughty kids’ sacks. Do you really want to live in a world where the naughty don’t get punished?”

“No,” Colbert replies. “Just where they don’t become president.”

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