Saoirse Ronan and her heavy Irish brogue had Fallon in giggles over a classic Irish custom

On Tuesday night in New York, Saiorse Ronan, the Academy Award nominated actress from 2015’s “Brooklyn,” joined Jimmy Fallon and explained some of her culture’s customs.

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Though she was born in the Bronx, Ronan was raised in Ireland and has a very heavy Irish accent, which Fallon briefly tried to replicate.

After the two discussed a bad party Ronan had gone to, Fallon began to recall a different type of party he had attended in Ronan’s home country of Ireland.

While vacationing with his sister, Fallon found himself in a small town bar and inadvertently got caught in a “lock-in” with the local townspeople and the pub’s owner.

Ronan then explained this concept to Fallon and noted that it wasn’t unusual to find yourself drinking with a pub owner.

“Every single gathering that we have at home […] it will usually end up with you drinking with the owner of a pub.”

“The whole idea of a lock-in [was that] the policemen wouldn’t know about […] but they’re usually in the lock in!”

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